What is Flowol


Process/output – is an instruction

Delay – wait 3 seconds

Terminator – start and stop button

Arrow – link it together and shows the direction of flow

Decision – it has a yes or a no option, it is a question



My time in year 7

I felt happy when I was moving up in to year 7 and when I did I made friends quite quickly. I liked it when we got early lunch because there was only year 7 and I sat next to my friends. I enjoyed being in year 7 because we went on fun trips like bush craft.

Bush craft:

  • We travelled in the woods and the teachers made out the plane crashed, the teachers had fake blood on them.
  • We played hunt and we have to hide in the woods for a limited amount of time then the person would look and see if he or she could see anyone.
  •  we had a water fight and people got wet and it was fun.



  • My favourite Lesson is PE because I like when we played a football Match.
  • My worst Lesson is P&E because I didn’t like it that much.



Staying safe online

  1. Don’t post personal information.
  2. Be careful when posting pictures.
  3. Put your account to private.
  4. Don’t give our passwords.
  5. Don’t be friends with strangers.
  6. don’t meet up with people that you’ve met online.
  7. some people online may not say who they really are.
  8. think carefully about what you say to strangers or even friends.
  9. Don’t be rude to people online.
  10. if you see some think online that makes you feel worried, leave the site and report  it.    

e-safety1 E safety website



Who inspires me?

messyourself-2I am inspired by Mess yourself

  • He’s a funny You Tuber
  •   He’s an online gamer
  • He makes me laugh
  • I would like to be funny like him
  • He talks about games and sometimes make them sound funny
  • He’s got good ideas
  • He was born may 5th 1995 in England
  • before he was famous he studied maths
  • His got two sisters
  • He is 21 years old



What is a blog?

The logging of someone’s thoughts, experiences and ideas. You can choose your theme for your blog and change the colours and background. It is made up of 4 sections; header, footer, body, side bars there are posts and pages are static, displaying lots of content. Post are where you publish your thoughts. You and others can comment. on posts. You can share images, video and other media files. It is a great way to connect with other people.Blogging-tools.jpg


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